How to hide joomla site title for all pages

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Method 1. You can change or hide the site name from admin panel. For this you must go to way «System» -> «Common Settings» -> «Site Name». It is the first field in list of settings. Setting this parameter as one space symbol in field.

Method 2. Another for hide the site name — edit the file configuration of Joomla site. Most Joomla templates display the site name defined in the Joomla configuration file configuration.php. Usually, the site name is set as the domain name for your website.

In order to hide it, you need to delete the domain name and save the configuration with a blank site name. For example, if your domain name is, in your configuration.php file you will have this line:

var $sitename = ‘’;

To hide the site name, you need to change the above line to:

var $sitename = »;

Method 3. For this method we need know what template is current active. Go to this template folder as «templates»->»YourTemplateFolder»-> «index.php», and comment or remove tag with class .site-title.